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Google’s self-driving car combined with the Kenguru!

How I wish there was a mashup between Google’s self-drive vehicles and the Kenguru car.  I hope this happens one day as it would greatly increase the independence of those with a disability who can’t drive.

via I took a ride in Google’s self-driving car | The Verge.


Google’s Autonomous Car

Think you’ll find this fun!

At least one person isn’t ready for Google’s futuristic world of self-driving cars: CEO Sergey Brin’s mother-in-law, who freaked out during a ride in one of the robo-cars.

Esther Wojcicki’s wild ride took place during Google’s autonomous-car coming-out party, when the team headed to TED 2011 to show off their latest project.

via Watch Sergey Brin’s Mother-in-Law Freak Out in Google’s Autonomous Car | Autopia | Wired.com.