Another exoskeleton project, this time from Berkeley.
Saw it on Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature last night. Very cool.


What next for our PM…!!

First there was planking, then Gangnam Style, now… derp-face. Prime Minister John Key’s latest attempt to win the youth vote included pulling the silly expression with students at Victoria University. He was encouraged by students to make a “derp-face” – defined at as “an expression sometimes used online to signify stupidity”. (via Key pulls ‘derp-face’ for students – National – NZ Herald News)

The National Security Agency has been monitoring online games including World of Warcraft, Second Life and video games on Xbox Live, sometimes even using undercover agents disguised as trolls or orcs. SEE ALSO: NSA Infected 50,000 Computer Networks Worldwide With Malware: Report This is the latest revelation to come from documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, as first reported by The New York Times, ProPublica and The Guardian on Monday. Since at least 2007, the NSA and its sister British spy agency the GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) have worried that terrorists might use online video games to secretly plan attacks, drive fundraising efforts or simply communicate on unmonitored channels, according to the leaked documents (.PDF). (via NSA Sent Undercover Agents to Spy on ‘World of Warcraft’)

Have an image in my head of all these ‘men in black’ sitting in front of PCs playing games 😉

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