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Google’s self-driving car combined with the Kenguru!

How I wish there was a mashup between Google’s self-drive vehicles and the Kenguru car.  I hope this happens one day as it would greatly increase the independence of those with a disability who can’t drive.

via I took a ride in Google’s self-driving car | The Verge.



Memoto in use

With cameras becoming ever smaller and storage becoming ever cheaper, there will come a day when all of our life’s memories are digitally preserved.

Memoto, a Stockholm-based startup inspired by the Quantified Self movement, is taking a stab at this opportunity with a postage-sized camera that wearers will carry around with them constantly.

It snaps a photo every 30 seconds, keeping a visual trail of your everyday life. A companion online service will store everything, catalog it by time, date and place and even help you pick out the most visually interesting moments.

via Meet Memoto: The Discreet Camera That Records Your Life In 30-Second Intervals | TechCrunch.

This is definitely creepier than Google Glass!


Google’s Autonomous Car

Think you’ll find this fun!

At least one person isn’t ready for Google’s futuristic world of self-driving cars: CEO Sergey Brin’s mother-in-law, who freaked out during a ride in one of the robo-cars.

Esther Wojcicki’s wild ride took place during Google’s autonomous-car coming-out party, when the team headed to TED 2011 to show off their latest project.

via Watch Sergey Brin’s Mother-in-Law Freak Out in Google’s Autonomous Car | Autopia |

Apple’s Spaceship HQ

Apple's new HQ designs
Apple’s new HQ designs

Back in 2011, when Steve Jobs announced his plans to build a spaceship-like Cupertino HQ for Apple, we all knew it was going to be one ridiculously lavish office. But according to Bloomberg Businessweek, it’s due for a bit of a downgrade before construction starts this June. It’ll still be crazy, just not totally absurd.

Sources with knowledge of the plans say the building’s cost ballooned from a wild 3 billion dollars to an insane 5 billion dollars since 2011. In other words, it reached a full billion more than the total cost of the new World Trade Center. At an all-hands meeting back in February, Tim Cook pushed the move-in date back from 2015 to 2016 and apparently that’s because architects Foster + Partners have been tasked with shaving a cool bil’ off the budget.

From :

I think this concept is totally absurd too.  These tech giants just want to build monuments to say “Look at us, we’re better than you!”

Is Texting Mangling the English Language? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thought this item from Mashable was really interesting.

Do your OMGs and LOLs have you sometimes srsly forgetting how to write in proper English? If so, you may not be alone.

Texting is on the rise, and changing the ways people interact with language. For some high schoolers today, abbreviations like those above have likely been a part of their vocabulary since they learned to write a five-paragraph essay. So just how embedded in formal communications could texting slang become?

Texting Infographicvia Is Texting Mangling the English Language? [INFOGRAPHIC].

Zuckerburg’s Sharing Predictions

Thought I’d go through my Pocket list of links and clear them out a bit, either deleting or sharing them.

This first one is from October last year.

Zuckerberg: In 10 years, folks will share 1,000 times what they do now.

Not sure whether Zuckerburg is correct on this one, but it could possibly be the case.