Dr. Andrew Weil: Why Data Smog May Be Making You Depressed | TIME

Jan Hakan Dahlstrom / Getty Images

We live in the Information Age. But I’ve never heard — nor would any sane person suggest — that we live in the Useful Information Age. The modern downpour of data is largely worthless distraction, and the sheer amount is drowning us. Of all of the ways in which the contemporary environment is mismatched with our genes and harms our emotional health, I believe the revolution in information delivery is the one most responsible for epidemic depression. Research so far is sparse but indicative: a 2005 Swedish study, for example, found associations between heavy communications technology use and “prolonged stress,” sleep disturbances and depressive symptoms in young adults.


Interesting article about info overload. I may not totally agree with all his arguments, but he has some good points.


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