Will computer games kill off the novel? | Technology | The Observer

To my kids, computer games are the most important thing in the world. In the same way that we might have waited for the new Rolling Stones album or the latest Clash single, my kids now wait expectantly for the new Fifa simulation, or the latest Gears Of War, and the amount of time they put into playing these games is terrifying to someone of my generation.

Games create worlds for you to play about in. The best of them are about you, the player. You are either God, in control of everything, or you are a grunt on the battlefields of the second world war, desperately fighting to stay alive. The best books are the ones that are about other people. Novels get inside people in a way that no other medium can. Reading, whether it’s from the pages of a book or the screen of a Kindle, is a very intimate, private and immersive experience, utterly different to any other medium. And that is why we will always read. And when we are not reading, we will play games.

© Charlie Higson, October 2011


Charlie Higson was on the judging panel for the inaugural GameCity prize, a new arts award for video games. The Fear, the latest in his zombie adventure series for teens, is published by Puffin

via guardian.co.uk

A  very interesting article about whether games will bring about the death of the book.  In my mind, I don’t think they will.



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