Interesting horoscope from Facebook

I’ve just taken a quiz at Facebook, “What does the week you were born say about you?” and here is what it said:

“You assume a commanding role in your family and social group. You are a
natural leader, and are a dynamic individual. You are a good planner,
capable of organizing an effective plan of attack and seeing it
through. You can be aggressive and know what you want and how to get
it. Sometimes you can be less compassionate to those around you and
lack consideration for their feelings. You are capable of inspiring
loyalty, respect and love in others. You see yourself infallible and
have tremendous faith in yourself. You are greatly imaginative and
creative. As long as you are honored and respected by your mates you
will be generous and kind to them, sometimes to a fault. In love you
are subject to sudden, explosive, violent, and passionate displays of
emotion. You can often be overbearing, combative and unforgiving.
Strengths: Commanding – Heroic – Creative
Weaknesses: Dictatorial – Selfish – Insensitive.”

I don’t think so!


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